About Marco

Marco is a passionate, creative and eclectic spirit, born in 1961 in Sesto San Giovanni, the Milan’s factory area.
In 1985 he joined the ”Teatro Piccolo di Milano” (“Piccolo Theatre of Milan”) where he studied as actor in “Commedia dell’Arte”. Afterwards he carried on his acting studies for four more years with Dominic De Fazio (life member of the ActorStudio, NY) at Zulema Katz Studio in Madrid.
During the 80s and 90s Marco played in some Italian fictions next to well-known actors such as Bramieri, Vianello and Proietti; then in several commercials and also in Cinema where Marco worked with movie-star Claudia Cardinale (and Pasquale Squitiere as director) and in the first Zazzaro film “In coda alla coda”.
Later on he worked as Actor-Trainer in the sit-com “Due per tre” (Mediaset).
In 2000 Marco started a collaboration as TV author (“Pubblimania” and “Vinca il migliore”) and discovered his love and passion for writing, thus he went on into studying screenplaying with Chicca Profumo.
Lastly, after working as photographer-assistant for Douglas Basset, he became a director. With the comical subject “Palle da toccare”, he won the “Cinema Parade” first prize, an award sponsored by Anica.
Since then he directed several web videos for ebolaindustries, the italian agency leader in viral communication; he worked as creative and director for Winter Video, a production company specialized in kids films.
In 2011, with the short film titled “ Due bravi ragazzi”, Marco won the first prize and the public award at the Melzo International Film Festival.
In 2015 he wrote the story and screenplay of fiction "Surfers", broadcast on MTV and has followed the acting of its actors
And here we come to today: Marco is still passionate, creative and eclectic.
He loves to direct great ideas, better if written also with the collaboration by his creativity.
since 1978 he takes photographs, portraits, moments and more. In addition to capturing Mark, he creates situations that he then immortalizes, mostly of comedy. Through the relationship with people it is established with them the desire to do something that amuses and excites. A choral work that ends up in the image. Marco is a member of Writer Guild Italia (WGI), the association of screenwriters for Cinema and TV.